Leveraging on Digital Representation to Promote Customer Engagement and Increase Service Portfolio

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Case Study
Healthcare Company

Leveraging on Digital Representation to Promote Customer Engagement and Increase Service Portfolio. 


The Situation

A healthcare company required a solution to further promote customer engagement and increase their service portfolio. 
Our Approach
CED worked closely with the management team and junior level staff of the HealthCo. to tackle the critical questions related to the company’s digital presence, customer’s experience strategy and mobile opportunities, including:
  • A robust CMS (Content Management System)
  • Implementation of an Appointment Booking System 
  • Unlimited Website Hosting and Site Security 
  • Website Payment Integration
  • Clutter-free Information Representation 
  • UX and UI development featuring (Geolocation, Live Chat, Mobile Optimization)
How patients could take advantage to book lab and other appointments online from the comfort of their mobile phone compared to the offline method of having to walk-in to book. We also focused on what the HealthCo. could be doing to reach its full potential to further promote customer engagement and increase its service portfolio.
The teams organized with two primary objectives in mind: to expand HealthCo’s customer engagement and its service portfolio using its website to develop stronger support for both online and offline services. More specifically, CED sought to help HealthCo develop a comprehensive mobile strategy and to create a seamless customer experience with an improved operating model that integrated its online.

Our Recommendations

CED and HealthCo collaborated to create a holistic strategy for HealthCo to increase its customer engagement and, developing a number of key recommendations:
Define where to play and how to win: In an effort to increase the user acceptability by prioritizing online user first.  
Develop mobile channel: Designed to attract traffic and encourage online booking.
Geolocation for easy direction: In the event of an emergency time of the essence. As Google Partners, we enhanced the geographical location of HealthCo on the Google map making alternative routes available.
Customer service: By aligning administrative processes, and systems the teams created an environment where front desk personals and lab attendants could focus, and resolve patient’s needs faster.

The Result

With CED’s help, HealthCo’s investment in promoting customer engagement, and Increasing its service portfolio helped generate results that enabled the organization to succeed with an omnichannel channel approach that met the expectations of its stakeholders. 
In less than a year HealthCo’s efforts contributed to its increased mobile engagement, users, and revenue. User engagement went up by 36% organically via website and social media platforms recording most its users as mobile, revenue increased at HealthCo and it stands ready to continue to capitalize with the appropriate systems and processes in place.
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  • Oct 2019 - Jan 2020
* We take our clients’ confidentiality seriously. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real.